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StatiCon AC-300 Cast Acrylic - ESD ProductsWhat Is ESD Flooring & How Does It Work? | StaticWorx

With anti-static acrylic sheeting, you can stop worrying about electrostatic discharge causing latent damage and rejects to electronic items. Also known as electrostatic dissipative (ESD) acrylic, the anti-static acrylic sheeting is coated with a transparent material that prevents the formation of static electricity on the surface. Because the coating offers a permanent solution, ESD acrylic is not affected by humidity like topical, temporary anti-static coatings used on traditional plexiglass. Antistatic acrylic sheeting has incredible strength and resistance to abrasions and chemicals, and can be fabricated into a wide array of shapes and sizes.

Antistatic ESD acrylic is ideal for any applications involving electricity or electrically conductive surfaces including static control shields, glove boxes, conveyor line covers, electronic equipment and more.

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