Methylmethacrylate-Styrene (MS)

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Methylmethacrylate-Styrene (MS) provides efficient solutions to upgrade GPPS applications, cost reduction (replacing PMMA, PC) and adding design ideas to regular non-clear resins. It also exhibits lower density and is more easily processed while having similar weather resistance properties and surface hardness as PMMA
Main Characteristics  Typical Applications
  • Excellent clarity
  • High regidity
  • Good weather resistance
  • Optical lens
  • Light fixture cover
  • Car port roof
  • Signage
  • POP Displays
Thickness Width Length Product Form Colour
1mm- 25mm Standard-1.22 m
Custom- up to 2.135mm
Standard 1.83m, 2.44m
Customized length
Sheet Form, Roll form Custom Colours


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