Laser Cutting & Engraving Service

advance laser cutting machine
We are with the leading laser cutting machine.
This department is professional on cutting acrylic materials.

With high speed, high efficiency and the most accurate
cutting technology. 

Intelligent Control System
Adjust laser power, gas type and pressure, intelligent edge search, automatic positioning and sequence generation, automatic process display, support import multiple format files.
Auto Focuding Laser Cutting Head
Automatically adjusted focus point, suitable for a variety of focal lengths, flexible cutting, high-speed leapfrog, Real-time monitoring and intelligent advanced fault warning.
  • Working Area (L*W)
  • 4000mm*2000mm

We are ensure every acrylic can be cut perfectly into a shine and smooth edge without any cutting marks.

Acrylic Laser Cutting & Engraving Service at Enigma Marketing Sungai Buloh

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