Acrylic Rod / Tube

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Acrylic rod tube is widely used in Advertising, Furniture, Lighting, Toy, Entertainment, Electronic products, Decorating Materials, Household ware, aquarium and so on.
Using 100% virgin material to make sure no impurity. Perfection for light-admitting quality, highest thermal stability and winter resistance. No yellow, no cinch marks. 

Acrylic Rod available stock
  • Length (2 meter)
  • Diameter (3mm-100mm)
Acrylic Tube available stock
Diameter Tolerance Length
8mm x 6mm 2mm 2m
10mm x 8mm 2mm 2m
12mm x 8mm 4mm 2m
15mm x 11mm 4mm 2m
20mm x 16mm 4mm 2m
25mm x 21mm 4mm 2m
30mm x 26mm 4mm 2m
35mm x 31mm 4mm 2m
40mm x 36mm 4mm 2m
45mm x 41mm 4mm 2m
50mm x 46mm 4mm 2m
60mm x 54mm 6mm 2m
70mm x 54mm 6mm 2m
80mm x 74mm 6mm 2m
90mm x 84mm 6mm 2m
100mm x 94mm 6mm 2m
120mm x 114mm 6mm 2m
130mm x 124mm 6mm 2m
140mm x 134mm 6mm 2m
150mm x 144mm 6mm 2m
160mm x 154mm 6mm 2m
160mm x 150mm 10mm 2m
180mm x 174mm 6mm 2m
200mm x 194mm 6mm 2m
250mm x 242mm 8mm 2m
300mm x 292mm 8mm 2m