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Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), also known as acrylic or acrylic glass as well as by the trade name, Limacryl, R-Cast, Perspex, Plazcryl, Acrylex, Acrylite, Acrylplast, Altuglas, Polycast and Lucite and is commonly called acrylic glass or simply acrylic. PMMA is often used as an alternative to glass.

PMMA is a kind of thermoplastic resin, which is flammable and also soluble in organic solvent. Due to its outstanding characteristics such as exceptional clarity, weather resistance, mechanical properties as well as appealing luster among other transparent plastics, PMMA is also commonly known as "Queen of Plastics".
It is often preferred on account of its moderate properties, easy handling and processing, and low cost. Thermoplastic PMMA is typically processed at 240-250 °C. All common molding processes may be used, including injection molding, compression molding and extrusion. The highest quality PMMA sheets are produced by cell casting, but in this case, the polymerization and molding steps occur concurrently.

PMMA can be joined using cyanoacrylate cement (so-called "Superglue"), with heat (melting), or by using solvents such as di- or trichloromethane to dissolve the plastic at the joint which then fuses and sets, forming an almost invisible weld. Scratches may easily be removed by polishing.

PMMA or Acrylic is a versatile material and has been used in a wide range of fields and applications
Thickness Available
  • 2mm~50mm (Cast Sheet)
  • 1mm~10mm (Extrusion sheet)
Size Available
  • 4x6, 4x8 (Standard Size)& Custom size (6x8,2meterx3meter) (Cast Sheet)
  • 4x6, 4x8 (Standard Size)& Custom size (1 meter~2.1 meter) Minimum Order Quantity: 3 tons~5 tons. (Extrusion Sheet)
Main Characteristics
  • Unparalleted transparency and luster
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Unmatched surface hardness
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Excellent electrical resistance
  • Superior mechanical property
  • Good colorability         
Typical Applications
  • Intricate parts and thin-wall parts molding such as watch and clock cover, lighting cover, name plate, house ware &etc
  • Wide range of products such as house ware, stationery, telephone buttons,
    piono keys, electrical accessories and ornaments & etc.
  • Automotive parts such as tail lamp, instrument cluster &etc
  • Optical lens
  • General lighting fixtures
  • Industrial application
  • POP (Point-of-Purchase) products
  • Signage
  • Silk Screen

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